Community Platform

It is a fusion of an online directory and a social network. On the platform, you can search through different categories to find a right merchant, project, ICO, campaign or any other crypto entity.

But you don’t stop here, just locating a thing – you can go further connecting to these businesses by all the means of the social media – following, mentioning, messaging and so on.

On top of that, our Crypto Pulse aggregates news and articles published by the community members to spread the knowledge about crypto across the board.

Benefits for Individuals

On Coinyspace you can find new ways to earn and spend cryptocurrencies. In addition to this, you can develop your personal brand, as building a big crypto network and publishing quality content can bring you incredible opportunities.

Coinyspace is the place where you can find crypto users from all over the world and connect, interact, trade and build sustainable partnerships with them for the mutual benefit.

Benefits for Businesses

From the businesses’ prospective Coinyspace provides a unique opportunity to showcase your offerings in the different, easily searchable formats, and engage with your followers to build a recognizable brand and a loyal customer base.

Create an authentic Coinyspace profile that highlights your strength, describes your competitive advantage, and builds trust in your business.


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