At Airstream Jets, our long-term vision is to develop the Gold Standard in On-Demand Air Charter & Aircraft Management services. We recognize that service excellence and the ability to provide value are integral to our continued success. Our aviation professionals impart their passion and commitment into everything they do in providing private and business jet travel solutions.


As world class aviation service providers we will aim to exceed your expectations – in every job we do. Providing unique solutions for the complex travel requirements of our clients is our core service, and depends on the extensive industry experience, imagination, and professionalism of our staff.


We understand that for any business to experience success over a long period of time it must maintain the ability to provide real value to its clients.


At Airstream Jets, we utilize a dual-layer approach to flight safety auditing because your safety is a non-negotiable tenet of our business service. Our dual-layer approach ensures operations are conducted by only the most outstanding private aircraft and seasoned pilots, all of which have been evaluated and approved for Part 135 operations by the FAA and DOT.


As dedicated aviation and travel professionals, we are qualified to guide clients through the process of meeting all travel objectives. We draw on our worldwide network of industry contacts and extensive skill sets in negotiating and delivering the desired private air travel solutions.


Time is a critical resource for our clients – we specialize in providing solutions to logistical challenges that will vastly reduce time spent in transit as well as time spent locating an aircraft and price that fits your requirements and budget – allowing you more time to get on with your core business.


Our mission is to set the Gold Standard in private air travel solutions through innovation, education, honesty and client satisfaction.