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    Vibeo: where instant messaging meets blockchain With the increasing importance of smartphones, which are now used more than desktop computers, instant messaging services like WhatsApp and Telegram have become an essential part of most people’s daily experience. Mobile messaging apps have more users and higher retention rates than social networks, and users spend more time on messaging services than on other applications. This popularity has opened up an opportunity to expand messaging services’ functionality to make them even more indispensable. 90% of users of the Chinese service WeChat use ‘WeChat Pay’ to buy goods and services offline. There is enormous potential to Read more [...]

  • Monetha

    We make buying and selling trustful. Always. At Monetha, we are believers in technology, and its potential to improve the lives of millions around the globe. With the help of blockchain technology, we’re building a reputation platform that will make global online commerce a safe place for everyone. Building trust in global commerce We help sellers show off their great reputation with a personal online identity that travels wherever they sell. We help buyers make deals with confidence thanks to verified reviews, instant receipts and Monetha Protection. Why blockchain? Blockchain is like a series of cast iron receipts. Backed up Read more [...]


    Decentralized credit scoring and microcredit Colendi project is a credit scoring system that can leverage new sources of information about borrowers to assess creditworthiness in addition to traditional measures. This technology creates financing opportunities for new markets of underserved individuals and businesses. This is accomplished by evaluating complementary and distributed data segments of a user with the help of machine learning based credit scoring technologies. Early in the project, it was already apparent that there existed common data paradigms for storage and evaluation of data sources, which could be implemented across seemingly disparate data streams sharing specific underlying properties. For Read more [...]


    The Blockchain Revolution at Risk The emergence of cryptocurrencies and blockchain tokens promises to fundamentally remake the private capital market. In 2017, the total value of tokens grew to USD$37.7 billion, a nearly 19,000% increase over the prior year. 1 Companies and investors raised USD$5.4 billion last year through initial coin offerings. 2 At its current rate, ICO capital raises will hit USD$12 billion this year. 3 To appreciate the rapid growth of token sales, consider that U.S. startups (i.e., seed and Series A) in 2017 raised an estimated USD$8 billion using traditional private placement. 4 But two fundamental problems Read more [...]

  • CyberTronServices

    Computer worms and spyware are the threats of yesterday. Today’s identity thieves, cyber espionage experts and hacker groups operate with complex networks that rely on machine learning and data mining neuron networks that can reconstruct your profile, track your activity and even locate your devices and access codes. They have all to gain. To repel these sophisticated attacks, modern cybersecurity has to rely on the computational powers of multiple supercomputers as well as the best tech computer science and the field of artificial intelligence can provide. CyberTron’s developer team therefore decided to rely on just that. Will be released in Read more [...]

  • Redenom

    REDENOM is a Web 3.0 fundraising DAO platform that creates value in the process of redenomination. The revolutionary Blockchain DAO – a crowd-investing paradigm based on the principle of redenomination and the zero-sum game theory. Global airdrop approach will allow each user to become an investor оr project creator, without being required to invest.


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