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    Global freelance marketplace where you can get stuff done for only $5.

    Thanks to the platform fivebucks.com anyone, anywhere in the world will be able to start making money instantly through their skills. No kidding, by instantly we mean right now.

    If you are a designer, digital marketer, writer or professional of any kind who has services to offer to online businesses, then start selling on fivebucks.com.

    It won’t matter whether you are from Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India, Zimbabwe etc. As long as you have a smartphone, email address and internet connection, you will be able to receive money directly into your phone from any corner of the globe. No paypal, payoneer, bank accounts or sign ups of any sort needed.



    What is bitcoin cash?

    Bitcoin cash is the currency of the internet. Everyone from anywhere can get paid or pay in Bitcoin cash instantly for no fees. There is no need for bank intermediaries or their derivatives like paypal, payoneer, payza etc.

    Where does the money go when I get paid in bitcoin cash?

    When you get paid you will receive the money directly in your personal Bitcoin cash (bch) wallet. Some bitcoin cash wallets we recommend are bitcoin.com (iOS & Android), cashpay.com (iOS & Android).

    Can I offer services for more than $5 on Fivebucks.com?

    On Fivebucks everything has to start from strictly $5. Any listings that offers no value for $5 will be removed by our Editorial team.

    I think $5 is too low for my service.

    This is a global marketplace so competition will always be strong to keep everyone on their toes. Our core mission is to build a hard working community that delivers value for buyers and businesses from all over the globe. However, hard working doesn’t mean under paid. As result, we advise high skilled professionals to “tokenise” their services through at least one $5 affordable bit.

    If you are a designer, tokenizing your service would mean offering a simple logo, without colors or source file, for $5. Then you can up sell that by including in the description a separate quote for the source file, color schemes or other derivatives.

    Social media marketers could offer a small number of impressions for $5, say 1000, and allow buyers who want even more impressions to increase quantity when ordering the gig.

    How can I convert the bitcoin cash I earn in fivebucks.com into dollars or local currency?

    If you have a Coinbase account you can do it directly on Coinbase by sending your fivebucks.com funds to your Coinbase wallet. Other exchanges where you can convert bitcoin cash to a state currency of your choice (USD, EUR, RUB etc) are Kraken, Bitstamp, Cex.io, Zebpay etc. You can also sell your bitcoin cash locally at localbitcoincash.org.

    How do I calculate the fiat worth of my earnings in bitcoin cash?

    Fiat worth is the value of your earnings in US dollars or any other state currency. The fiat worth of your balance is shown in the top right corner of your user panel in US dollars and is calculated by multiplying your bch balance with the current price of bitcoin cash. Your current fiat balance changes with time due to bitcoin cash price fluctuations.

    Can I use bitcoin cash for online purchases?

    A lot of websites online allow you to pay for merchandise or services in bitcoin cash. However, if you want to buy something from an online merchant that does not accept bitcoin cash, then you can still buy it with bitcoin cash through cryptonize.it as long as the value does not exceed $250.


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