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Crypto Project Category: ServicesCrypto Project Tags: Buy and Sell and Auction vehicles with btc

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    AutoBay is the first blockchain based ecosystem that provides an end to end solution to users by
    allowing them to browse, find and purchase a vehicle in 3 easy steps. Autobay provides further
    assurance by creating a cured and transparent environment were buyers are empowered by the
    services Autobay offers allowing them to access their desired vehicle in the simplest and safest way.
    Through synergic partnerships with top blockchain companies Autobay adds value to the
    automotive market by creating a tool that upgrades the way we purchase vehicles today.

    • An Outdated payment. When purchasing a vehicle whether new or used
    there is an implied cash movement from or to the bank, house or
    • Lack of fair financing. People around the world don´t always have got
    access to financing and when they do, they may access different interest
    rates depending the countries where they live and even social background.
    • Private sellers can´t sell with financing. Buyers cannot access cars from
    private sellers with financing.
    • Lack of vehicle history. When buying used vehicles users cannot access the
    vehicle history therefore they are subject to potential scams.
    • Lack of control. There is no feedback, rating or review over sellers
    (dealerships specially).


    Autobay´s mission is to level the ground for users to access vehicles in a more secure and
    transparent way.
    Autobay’s vision is to create real value to cryptocurrencies allowing them to act as a
    financial asset to purchase goods not only as investment tools, as well as to promote the
    easy access to the cryptocurrency market.


    Cashless transactions. End to end solution
    allowing users to find a vehicle and buy it with
    • Third party Cryptocurrency financing. API
    embedded within the Autobay platform allowing
    users to access a loan with a flat rated accessible
    interest rate.
    • Enlarging market. Sellers will be able to sell their
    vehicles to customers that need financing.
    • Secure. Buyers will be able to access all the
    information regarding a Vehicles history, having
    further assurance of its real state.
    • Reviews and ratings of sellers. Buyers will be
    able to rate and review sellers within the
    platform levelling up the ground in terms of
    customer service.
    • Complementary Services. Further services such
    as purchasing blockchain based insurance can be
    purchased within the platform.

    • Trackable vehicle history. Used cars that have been sold in the platformare registered in the
    blockchain for future background verification.
    • No fees. No fees for buying or selling a car. Revenue based on a fixed fee for car publication.
    • Global Scale. Autobay Platform will have a global scale but each country will run
    independently. Sellers will only be able to buy vehicles from their own country unless there is
    an international auction taking place.
    • Only Indirect competition. Autobay is the first e-commerce platform based on the blockchain,
    for the moment it doesn’t have any direct competitors (Bitcar and Trusted cars appear as
    indirect competition).
    • Partnerships. Autobay has partnered up with several blockchain companies to create synergy
    in developing a stronger product for its users.
    • Promote cyptocurrency use. Autobay will help enlarge and promote the cryptocurrency
    market as it will allow new users with no previous experience in cryptocurrency, by just
    posting and selling their car on the plaform.

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