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    Global freelance marketplace where you can get stuff done for only $5. Thanks to the platform fivebucks.com anyone, anywhere in the world will be able to start making money instantly through their skills. No kidding, by instantly we mean right now. If you are a designer, digital marketer, writer or professional of any kind who has services to offer to online businesses, then start selling on fivebucks.com. It won’t matter whether you are from Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India, Zimbabwe etc. As long as you have a smartphone, email address and internet connection, you will be able to receive money directly into Read more [...]


    AutoBay is the first blockchain based ecosystem that provides an end to end solution to users by allowing them to browse, find and purchase a vehicle in 3 easy steps. Autobay provides further assurance by creating a cured and transparent environment were buyers are empowered by the services Autobay offers allowing them to access their desired vehicle in the simplest and safest way. Through synergic partnerships with top blockchain companies Autobay adds value to the automotive market by creating a tool that upgrades the way we purchase vehicles today. PROBLEMS OF THE INDUSTRY • An Outdated payment. When purchasing a Read more [...]

  • Pledgecamp

    THE NEXT GENERATION OF CROWDFUNDING Until now crowdfunding has been an act of faith. Led by platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo, the model of Crowdfunding 1.0 has been to invest money into a project and pray it works out. (Spoiler: it often doesn’t.) Pledgecamp ushers in a new era of Crowdfunding 2.0, harnessing the best attributes of blockchain to bring transparency, accountability, and trust to crowdfunding. By bringing security and decentralization to crowdfunding, and empowering a new “Smart Crowd” with its token economy, Pledgecamp’s vision is to help entrepreneurs all over the world bring real, innovative products to market. Read more [...]


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