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    In 2017 we saw a rising opportunity. The cryptocurrency and blockchain space was blooming and ripe for adoption by the majority of our society. We set out to build a user-friendly exchange that connects social with trading, enabling people to effortlessly trade cryptocurrency and help them adopt the new digital economy.

    We called our company and platform Blockport – an abbreviation for “Blockchain portal”, providing everyone access to the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain.


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    We think that developing technology should be an iterative process by which consumers, corporates, and governmental institutions are included to review the ethical acceptability, sustainability and societal desirability of the complete innovation process.

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    With the creation of social-economic innovation, we believe that a knowledge sharing community is of the essence to trigger people’s intrinsic interest, engagement and successfully facilitate the adoption of new technology.

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    In this fast-changing, high-paced market it is of the utmost importance to remain a stable and secure factor. Awareness for security challenges is therefore a core value that runs through the veins of all our team members.

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