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  • Blockport Token

    Currency Symbol: BPT

    Blockport Token The Blockport token (BPT) is an Ethereum powered ERC20 utility token that is consumable within the Blockport platform and gives access to multiple trading- and social functionalities. Social Trading Blockport creates a micro-economy where members can use BPT to follow or copy other members’ portfolios. Beginners can learn from experienced traders and experienced traders earn BPT in reward by sharing their strategies. Earn BPT rewards Learn from others Become an influencer Discounted trading fees Transaction fees can be paid in native transaction currency or with BPT. Members who choose to pay transaction fees with BPT will benefit from Read more [...]

  • OmiseGO

    Currency Symbol: OMG

    Token OMG token function The OMG token is fi­rst and foremost a staking token. By holding OMG tokens, users gain the right to take an active role by running validator nodes on OMG’s Proof of Stake network, using their tokens as a security deposit. Returns may be paid out in any currency, including but not limited to OMG. Read more on staking OMG here and here. OMG will be a conduit for bringing value to Ethereum mainnet, because the value of OMG will be backed by the value of the amounts transacted on the OMG network; both external, real-world money, Read more [...]

  • Binance Coin

    Currency Symbol: BNB

    What is BNB? BNB, or Binance Coin, is a cryptocurrency created by Binance. It has several use cases: You can use it to pay for trading fees on Binance; It can be used in token sales hosted on Binance Launchpad; More and more vendors are accepting it as a payment method; And soon, it will be used to power Binance’s upcoming Decentralized Exchange; So where did it start? Binance Coin was launched in an Initial Coin Offering (or ICO) from June 26th to July 3rd, 2017, 11 days before Binance Exchange opened for trading. The issue price was 1 ETH Read more [...]

  • CyberTron Token

    Currency Symbol: CTRX

    General description CyberTron will be released on the basis of Tron platform and fully comply with TRC20* standard. Support of this standard guarantees the compatibility of the token with third-party services (wallets, exchanges, listings, etc.), and provides easy integration. Herewith, the use of CTRX token is not limited to just the platform ecosystem. Functions of tokens Subscribes and remunerations Remuneration for a certain activity (Bug Hunting, Other Contributions); Payment of developers’ remuneration; Payment of the community managers; Payment of the social media professionals; Payment of remuneration to digital content copyright owners; Payment of remuneration for partner programs.

  • 433 Token

    Currency Symbol: 433

    433 Tokens will have three major utilities. Utility One – Sponsoring mentorship i. A selected group of legendary soccer players will form a “Fellowship of Legends”. ii. Each Legend will be a Principal in the Fellowship. iii. Only Principals can pick and mentor Youth Talents in the 433 Token Ecosystem. iv. Youth Talents are ideally picked from different soccer academies, aged 16 to 18. v. Each Principal can mentor, at any time, up to 5 Youth Talents. vi. Principal will offer 433 Token holders around the world the opportunity to sponsor his mentoring, for a certain amount of 433 tokens Read more [...]

  • LUMA Token

    Currency Symbol: LUMA

    The LUMA Token Alluma’s vision is to provide access and education to the next billion people on the blockchain. The Alluma exchange provides the opportunity for users to access highly liquid cryptocurrency markets and engage with the Alluma Training Academy to learn the ins and outs of the crypto world. To support our vision and fuel our ecosystem we’re introducing Alluma’s utility token: The LUMA Token. LUMA will power numerous aspects of the Alluma ecosystem. The LUMA token is an ERC-20 compliant token to be issued on the Ethereum blockchain, and its use cases include: Settling Trading Fees All users Read more [...]

  • Vibeo

    Currency Symbol: VBEO 

    Overview Vibeo is an instant messaging/social app with blockchain technology (it will be available from v4), we aim to offer a utility token to be used for our vibeo API. Our objective is to join the top 5 along with wechat, snapchat and whatsapp with respect to popularity and number of users. Vibeo coins are tied with the Vibeo API. It allows potential partners or merchants to get their services listed/added on vibeo interactive map. Each partner or merchant will have to buy and activate our API using VBEO token only. Depending on what they want to do in Vibeo interactive map, Read more [...]


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