Crypto Exchange Reviews

At some point we all wanted to share feedback about an exchange or were simply looking whether a new cryptoexchange is legitimate or not. However, there is no Yelp like environment to make this process easy and informative.

Having this in mind we have created a crypto exchange section on Coinyspace, so that everybody could leave a review and/or get an idea of what other people think about an exchange.

Please visit the directory and leave your review for an exchange you like or dislike. We have got an anti-spam filter and will be moderating reviews and comments to maintain a healthy environment.

We are going to invite crypto exchange representatives to maintain their pages and engage with reviewers, and the more reviews we have the easier it will be to hold them accountable. Nothing beats the power of a community!

P.S. We have been adding new exchanges every day and if you have any tips, please PM on Reddit or send us a message on Coinyspace. You can also add a listing of your own and it will be moderated and published shortly.