Token Details

Token Symbol: CNC

Token Address: 0x3b5513e834f5ea2438e67177b66270527dab8d70

Total Supply: CNC 1,000,000,000

Reserved for Development, User Acquisition, Promotion and Marketing: CNC 900,000,000

Reserved for the Team and Advisors: CNC 100,000,000

Token Economics

The best business model suitable for cryptocurrency community platform is distributing tokens to users who make the platform possible and make them benefit from the value of the tokens!

CNC tokens is used to advertise on our platform. While participating in our Airdrop or Bounty campaign, you will contribute to the success of crypto by expanding the community an you will receive your CNC tokens for doing this, and will be able to sell your tokens to advertisers. We find this fair and efficient way to build the central host of the crypto world in a genuinely free market spirit.

It will be YOU who control the token supply, not founders, not whales, but You!


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