YouTube Campaign!

Total Allocation – CNC 4,000,000


  • Explainer Video in English:  1000 stakes

  • Explainer Video in Other Languages: 500 stakes

  • Featuring Coinyspace in your video in English:  500 stakes

  • Featuring Coinyspace in your video in Other Languages: 250 stakes


  • Low-quality video will not be accepted. Video should include voiceover.

  • Explainer Video should be only about Coinyspace and describe the Platform in detail. See the proposed script on the bottom of this page.

  • Featuring Coinyspace in your video does not require covering all the details. It may contain key features and explain users how they could benefit by joining the platform. Video (or part of the video covering Coinyspace) must be at least 1 minutes long, shorter videos will not be accepted.

  • Video must be genuine. You can use official images, logos, graphics posted on the website and our social media channels.

If you would like to participate in the YouTube campaign, you need to be a registered Coinyspace member and submit the request form below.

Please feel free to join the Coinyspace Group for YouTube Bounty to raise any questions about the bounty campaign.

Joining form:

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Reporting form:

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The proposed script for Explainer Video

Please bear in mind that this is only a guide, created to help you. If you feel that you can create the explainer video in a better way, feel free to use your own script. If you have any questions about the script, you can ask them in the group.

  1. Starting with the Landing Page and explaining Platform’s concept. The three information blocks on the main page broadly describe the project and you can just summarize them.

  2. Demonstrating how to register on the website, how Activity page and an individual profile look like and how the profile can be improved by adding more information (Bio, twitter, telegram, avatar etc). Walking through the tabs in the profile – messaging, notifications, following/followers etc.

  3. Briefly explaining how CNC token works: tokens are distributed to people who make the Community possible and spread the word about it. Then tokens can be used to advertise on the Platform, so the very community members who became tokenholders can either use them to promote their own business or sell the tokens to advertisers.

  4. Walking through the menu and demonstrating different components of the website as described in the p. 5-7 below:

  5. Pulse – the blog page, where all the posts (news and articles etc), created by community members are displayed. Explaining how creating a post (using Article tab in the Profile) differs from submitting an Update which goes only into activity pages. Pointing out that Coinyspace allows earning tokens for creating good quality posts (only in English though) if a user registers in the Platform’s Bounty Campaign as a Coinyspace Author.

  6. Community and Group pages, where users can find fellow community members and groups. Pointing out that the more fields a user fills in in their profile, the easier they can be found and contacted.

  7. Listing Pages for merchants, airdrops, bounties, events (including ICOs) and crypto projects. Showing how individual listing pages look like, and that users can favourite listings, which will be then summarised in their profiles. For instance, this may be helpful to make a list of Airdrops users have participated. Demonstrating that everyone can contribute new listing (if you are not an owner, you just have to state it when you add a listing). Highlighting that Coinyspace allows earning tokens for contributing new Listings if a user registers in the Platform’s Bounty Campaign as a Coinyspace Contributor.

  8. Closing part – highlighting that worldwide cryptocurrency adoption can come only through expanding the crypto community and Coinyspace is the first Platform that is focusing on this ambitious task. On Coinyspace users can find new avenues to earn more, places to spend crypto, promote their own businesses and find connections and partners from all over the world.


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