Terms and Conditions of the Coinyspace Bounty Campaign

  1. Coinyspace Bounty Campaign (the Campaign) is a marketing program designed to incentivise Coinyspace Platform users for adding content to the Platform, promoting it on social media and performing any other activities contributing to the success of Coinyspace Platform and its community.
  2. Only registered Coinyspace users can join the Campaign. You acknowledge that you have read and have agreed to the Coinyspace User Agreement & Privacy Policy. If you cede to be a Coinyspace user by being banned for breaching Coinyspace User Agreement or by voluntarily deleting your account, all your Bounty stakes will be forfeited.
  3. To participate in the Campaign you need to submit an application. No activities performed by you before you become the Participant are taken into account for the purpose of the Campaign.
  4. By submitting your application, you confirm the following:
    • Your submission is unique, i.e. you applied only once and you did not create any other Coinyspace accounts to duplicate the application,
    • You understand that distribution of CNC tokens under the Campaign is at the sole discretion of Coinyspace. You can be banned (or receive significantly smaller stakes, than you would expect) for violating the rules of the Campaign, including but not limited creating duplicate accounts, contributing poor quality content, using fake social media accounts to create an impression of large following, spamming and/or other malicious activities.
    • You understand that neither value nor utility of CNC tokens is guaranteed and by participating in this Campaign you take a risk of receiving tokens with no ability to sell or effectively utilize them.
    • You acknowledge that you have explicitly given up your right to litigate or participate in as a party or class member disputes in court before a judge or jury.
  5. Breaching any of the rules of these Terms and Conditions and/or provisions stipulated by the respective parts of the Campaign and described on their Coinyspace pages makes you ineligible to receive any CNC tokens.
  6. You have sole responsibility for paying any applicable taxes on your bounty rewards according to the laws and regulations of your relevant tax jurisdiction. Coinyspace does not act as a tax agent or a consultant and does not provide any tax related reports or services.
  7. By participating in the Bounty Campaign you give Coinyspace exclusive, unrestricted and irrevocable rights to use any intellectual property created by you by participating in the Campaign.


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