Let’s create the biggest Crypto Community in the world and make worldwide adoption a reality!

Cryptocurrencies are a revolutionary technology. It will challenge the traditional financial system and change the way we conduct business. However, at the present time the adoption of such currencies has been slow and scattered.

Coinyspace offers a listing and networking concept that is specifically designed to facilitate further adoption and usage of digital currencies. It is home for all cryptocurrency users, where individuals, businesses, founders and developers can come together to interact and transact.

To help us create this very holistic crypto community, we invite you to become Coinyspace Contributor.

Coinyspace Contributors create listings on Coinyspace across the following themes:

Every listing is a special Coinyspace page, which contains key relevant details. Brick and mortar businesses are also mapped to help Coinyspace users easily find a merchant they need in a particular location.

Coinyspace Contributors are encouraged to create high-quality pages and invite the respective business/project owners to become Coinyspace community members and claim their page so they could network and engage with other Coinyspace users.

Coinyspace Contributors receive 500 CNC tokens for creating a listing and additional 500 CNC tokens in case if the listing owner joined Coinyspace and claimed their page. You can find the invitation email templates here.

If you would like to become a Coinyspace Contributor, you need to be a registered Coinyspace member and fill in the request form below.

Please feel free to join the Coinyspace Group for Coinyspace Contributors to raise any questions about the bounty campaign.


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