Let’s share news, opinions, analytics, educational materials and other good content!

Good quality content is one of the most important pillars of building a trusted a community. We invite you to become a Coinyspace Author and get rewards for posting:

  • News relevant to the Crypto Industry,

  • Opinion and Analysis pieces, and

  • Other good quality content.

All the content created by Coinyspace Authors will be visible in their followers’ activity feeds, and, in addition to this, our awesome Crypto Pulse section aggregates all the news and articles and presents them to readers in an online magazine style. We will use our social media channels to promote this content to a wider crypto audience.

As a Coinyspace Author, you kill two birds with one stone – building your own recognizable brand within the Crypto Community and earning tokens as a Bounty campaign participant.

Coinyspace Authors receive:

– 500 tokens for creating a news post (minimum 200 words), and

– 1,500 tokens for an opinion/analysis post (minimum 500 words).

Content must be in English, good quality and rightly belong to you. Copy-pasting news from other sources is not acceptable.

Poor quality articles will not be accepted and no tokens will be awarded to the author.

Viral posts may receive a special bonus up to 10,000 tokens. You can use the form in the bottom of this page to claim a special bonus for your viral post.

If you want to publish an article which contains an original research or a professionally written opinion piece, you can contact us at info@cryptonicle.com to negotiate a special token bonus.

If you would like to become a Coinyspace Author, you need to be a registered Coinyspace member and submit the request form below.

Please feel free to join the Coinyspace Group for Coinyspace Authors to raise any questions about the bounty campaign.


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