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    This is not just another Airdrop. Manna gives you an opportunity to receive regular income on a weekly basis!

    Mannabase is an online platform for the world’s first Universal Basic Income cryptocurrency.

    Manna is distributed by the People’s Currency Foundation as a basic human right that every person in the world is eligible to receive, for free. Founded in 2015, Manna has achieved milestones in the cryptocurrency movement, as the first blockchain-based currency to be created and distributed by a tax-exempt nonprofit organization, and the first digital currency to implement a Universal Basic Income as its primary method of distribution.

    Manna’s price is set by the free market on online exchanges:

    The People’s Currency Foundation also helps support the price of Manna using tax-deductible donations. Learn more at peoplescurrency.org

    Mannabase is the place to sign up for and receive Manna UBI, and a simple web-based platform to transact the currency with other users. Mannabase will also be developing a system for targeted direct giving, enabling users to donate Manna currency to specific groups of people based on criteria such as geography, age, sex, and economic condition. Mannabase users will also be able to give Manna to charities through the platform.

    The vision of Mannabase is to empower the people of the world by making cryptocurrency accessible and available to everyone, and to provide a tool for effective altruism to reduce poverty and inequality.

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