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    Quixxi Connect enables Smart Crypto Payments, where crypto transactions can be sent or received directly to an email address, phone number, or ID, instead of a complex hash address. Complete wallet protection is provided by decentralising shards of the user’s private key. These two unique features make Quixxi Connect a simple and intuitive payments platform, where focus is on breaking down the barriers for mass crypto adoption.


    Join the upcoming airdrop of $1 Million in QXE make sure you don’t miss out! You get one stake for joining the drop and more stakes for referring your friends! ICO token price: 2000 QXE = 1 ETH

    How to join?

    1. 1. Go to Quixxi Airdrop page and provide your email address by clicking on  ”Join Airdrop”.
    2. 2. You will receive an email when the airdrop starts on Sept 24 and will be informed about the next airdrop steps.


    You should also read the ICO Review: Quixxi Connect.


    Estimated value
    $1 million Total QXE Dropped
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    Start Date: 09/23/2018
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