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    Welcome to CyberTronServices – which is building an AI driven antivirus using Tron’s lightning fast blockchain backed by Justin Sun himself. The project contains three big parts, a password and data vault, a VPN, and a P2P antivirus.

    CyberTronServices is conducting one of the biggest airdrop campaigns to spread the awareness about its upcoming ICO.

    Airdrop Details

    1. CyberTronServices will distribute up to 2,500,000 (Two and a Half Million) CTRX tokens, valued at $50,000 at ICO price, to eligible participants.
    2. Each participant has a chance to earn CTRX worth up to $504.
    3. Airdrop is limited to 10,000 participants only.
    4. To be eligible for airdrop, you must adhere to the rules mentioned below.
    5. Airdrop distribution will be completed within 4 week safter successful completion of ICO.


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