Coinyspace is the cryptocurrency community, where members:

  • then share reviews and feedback to keep the ecosystem transparent and reliable, and

  • further interact and engage in groups, forums and via private connections with other members to share information and build networks.

The Coinyspace Global Crypto Directory includes listings in the following six categories:

  1. Announcements – the statements about new coins and tokens, next milestones achieved by crypto projects, press releases and other similar information;
  2. Merchants – businesses accepting cryptocurrencies;
  3. Currencies – the very coins and tokens, which make the crypto universe at first place;
  4. Exchanges – markets where people can trade crypto and fiat currencies;
  5. Promos – marketing campaigns, airdrops, giveaways and other similar events where crypto community members can participate and earn; and
  6. Services – crypto projects and start-ups including crypto media, crypto payment solution providers, blockchain services and other entities within the cryptocurrency universe.

Each of the listings in any of the six categories contains all the necessary information about the businesses behind the listings and allows members of the Coinyspace community to:

  • find the best crypto providers they need,
  • weed out the scammers and bad players, and
  • provide their own feedback to the wider community.   


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